Tunis Air CEO Gets The Sack Over Corruption Allegations

Tunis Air CEO Gets The Sack Over Corruption Allegations

Tunis Air Chief Executive Officer Elyes Mnakbi has been fired by the Tunisian Minister of Transport and Logistics Anouar Maarouf on 6 July over corruption allegations.

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According to local press reports, Mnakbi refused accept the decision to fire him.  Local media Shems FM quoted Mnakbi saying it is illegal   decision and only the Prime Minister can remove him from the position.

In a letter from the Minister of Transport and Logistics, Mnakbi was advised of his fate and Belgacem Tayaa was appointed acting CEO. Minister Maarouf further requested for a board meeting to be convened to discuss the matter.

Earlier this July seven members of the senior management of the airline were arrested on corruption charges relating to Tunis Air Technics. An investigation into the maintenance of 6 aircraft is said to have raised concerns leading to the subsequent action taken by the Minister.

According to the Tunis Air website, the North African airline operates a fleet of 29 aircraft including Airbus’ 2x A330s,16x A320 and 4x A319s and 7 Boeing 737-600s; flying to 34 destinations across Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

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