Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) is set to auction over 100 abandoned aircraft over parking fees. 

In a notice issued by the KCAA in the Kenya Gazette, the acting Managing Director of KCAA Alex Gitari urged various agencies to claim their aircraft within 30 days claiming they now pose a safety risk. 

“NOTICE is given pursuant to the provision of Disposal of Uncollected Goods Act (Cap. 38) of the laws of Kenya, to the parties below to take delivery of the aeroplanes parked at various airport’s apron/airside areas or any unserviceable aeroplanes parked in the airport movement area in absolute contravention of International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) safety standards, which delivery must be done within thirty (30) days,” read the notice.

Various organisations have their aircraft parked at Kenyan airports for different reasons including Jubba Airways, the Somali Air Force and Jetlink. Fly540, Skyward, Fayaka Airways, and Air Kenya have until September 14 to collect the planes, which risk auction after the September deadline.

Private owners and companies will have to pay for the outstanding fees before moving their aircraft. Failure to do so, KCAA shall auction the abandoned aircraft to recover the outstanding parking fees with the balance if any being credited to the owners.

Gitari added: “The said aircraft will be sold by public auction, and the proceeds of the sale shall be defrayed against any incurred charges and the balance, if any, shall remain at the owners’ credit, but should there be a shortfall, the owner shall be liable thereof.”

There are 64 aircraft at Wilson Airport, 14 at Lokichoggio Airport, 8 at Moi International Airport and 16 at Kenya’s biggest airport Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

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